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California Wildfire Property Victims:

Is this how your wildfire claim is being handled?

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Insurance companies are standing firm on their decision to underpay or deny property insurance claims. This is not a dead end; For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting is licensed to advocate for you and your claim. Our goal is to maximize your settlement while getting past those frustrating, tricky hurdles you didn't expect to experience from your insurance company. Our firm is standing by to assist you and your claim.

  • August Complex Fire

  • SCU Lightning Fire

  • LNU Lighting Fire

  • Butte Lightning Fire

  • North Complex Fire

  • Valley Fire

  • El Dorado Fire

  • Jones Fire

  • Bear Fire

  • Bobcat Fire

  • Creek Fire

  • Dolan Fire

  • River Fire

  • Lake Fire

  • Potters Fire

  • Carmel Fire

Regarding Your Wildfire Claim

Our Public Adjusters are also certified Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians through the IICRC. This certification is NOT a requirement for public adjusters in the State of California, however, our firm holds itself to the highest education and training standards. With over 80 combined years of experience, For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting is prepared to handle your wildfire claim.


Is your loss not a wildfire loss? We still got you covered. View a full list of our certifications, trades, and associations here.

What is a Public Adjuster?

If you find yourself in the process of making a claim with your insurance company, you might find it worthwhile to hire a public adjuster. This might be especially true if you feel like the insurance adjuster is not including all the necessary costs for repairs from your claim.
The state requires careful training and knowledge to be licensed as a public adjuster. Often, public adjusters are members of their professional organization which requires certain skill standards.​

If you have a big claim, there could be things that need fixing, which you may not see on the surface. With our experience and determination, FTP Public Insurance Adjusting will make sure nothing is overlooked in your claim settlement.

Certainly, you might not even recognize the possibility that something has been missed, so you don’t know to ask for more. Because of our experience, we will thoroughly evaluate and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company adjuster.

For The People Public Insurance Adjusting Handles Several Types of Residential and Commercial Claims.


With For The People Public Adjusters on the job to assess and value the fire damage, your path to fire damage restoration is faster and more efficient. We will: * Meet at the loss site to evaluate fire damage * Safely and thoroughly examine every part of the structure affected by fire, smoke or water. * Estimate restoration costs involved in fire damage recovery. * Prepare your complete demand for your insurance company, supporting every claimed loss with evidence


Lightning strikes can cause severe property damage; from causing a fire, to destroying your personal property and business assets. Anytime there is a powerful surge of electricity through electrical systems or circuits, you can be sure there’s underlying damage. We’ll advocate for you and tell you what’s covered and what’s not covered under your insurance policy.


If your house has flooded, once your local police or fire department says you can return, you’re in a race against mold growth to clear out debris from your home. You may find high humidity in your home, which is the perfect environment for mold and other bacteria to form. Flood water is commonly classified as Category 3, or black water. Understanding the science of black water will only help you reach your appropriate settlement(s).

Wind Damage
Wind Damage

Many home and business owners can see damage to their properties. However, most wind and hail damage cannot be seen. Not having your home properly inspected can result in thousands of dollars in damages over-and-above the damages caused by the storm… and you’ll be out of pocket for those damages by not properly submitting the claim to your insurance company.


Sometimes a small leak can turn into a major headache and your insurance policy may or may not cover the leak depending on its source. Mold resulting from flooding, a broken pipe or other water related issue can severly affect your health and property without your knowledge. For The People Public Insurance Adjusting are property experts with more than 80 years of combined experience in handling water damage issues.

Hail Damage
Hail Damage

If you have experienced hail damage to your home, you know that it can be costly. An extensive investigation to your real property is necessary, as shingles, siding, and gutters may be damaged. Unseen roof damage can lead to leaks, which can cause further complexities in your insurance claim. Be sure to take pictures of all damages of any dents, punctures or scrapes to the exterior to your home, fences, patios, and other structures. Proper documentation will greatly impact your claim.


If you have purchased earthquake insurance, your policy typically covers the cost to repair common earthquake damage—including damage to roofing and walls, and most of your belongings. If you can’t live in your home, your insurance company will pay additional living expenses, as noted in your policy, while the damage is assessed and your home is being repaired or rebuilt. If repairs take longer than the period of time covered by your policy, you may be eligible for additional assistance.

Theft / Vandalism
Theft / Vandalism

If you’ve found yourself the victim of vandalism or theft, the first thing you should always do is to file a police report. Once you’ve done that, its time to call us. Filing a theft insurance claim or a vandalism insurance claim can be tedious, particularly for the average person who isn’t familiar with how the insurance claim process works. We will meet with you, assess the damage, and track the claim with your insurance company.

Contents Inventory
Contents Inventory

Our public adjusters will sort through every inch of your damaged property including personal property searching for anything that the insurance company may have missed. This thorough examination often yields damages that were overlooked or underestimated. Several digital photos and a 3D Matterport are taken along with detailed notes. Our adjuster deal with all of the forms and related paperwork that are required by your insurance carrier.

Fair Rental Value/Loss of Use
Fair Rental Value/Loss of Use

The fair rental value may or may not be equal to the rent payable by tenants. It can vary according to different factors, such as whether the dwelling has been rented to the tenants furnished or unfurnished, whether bills and taxes are included in the rent amount, and whether you provide the total lodging to the tenants. In a nutshell, the actual cash value of the property you rent out is determined by the amount of support you provide.

Bus. Interruption
Bus. Interruption

One of the most daunting moments for an enterprise is when it loses income due to various interruptions. When the normal flow of income in a business is interfered with, it predisposes a myriad of problems which can be detrimental and relatively expensive. As expert public adjusters, For The People will help your business get back onto its feet within the minimum time possible by expediting the entire process, and bargaining for fair compensation of our clients, per the terms in your policy.


Building collapses can be caused by a number of factors, including (but not limited to) structural problems, soil subsidence, earth movements, improper construction, blasts, gas leaks and more. Property insurance policies typically cover some types of building collapses, but not all. Insurance companies today frequently restrict collapse coverage by redefining the term “collapse” and limiting their exposure.


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Wildfire Property Owners: Safety Video

Remember, safety first! This video will help property owners how to properly handle this process in a safe manner.

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