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Riebli-Wallace Neighborhood Group Santa Rosa CA


Nestled in the heart of Sonoma County is the Riebli-Wallace Neighborhood Group, a vibrant and diverse area of Santa Rosa. This neighborhood boasts great attractions, an active lifestyle, and a population with a wide range of demographics. Let’s explore all that this unique community has to offer. This area has become increasingly popular with tourists, investors and home buyers due to its diverse demographic makeup and local attractions. The area is home to many attractions that make it a desirable location for tourists, investors, and home buyers. In this blog, we will discuss the demographics and tourist attractions of Riebli-Wallace Neighborhood Group. From beautiful parks to historical sites, let’s take a closer look at what Riebli-Wallace has to offer.



Riebli-Wallace is made up of an estimated 15,000 people from different backgrounds. The neighborhood is predominantly Caucasian (74%), followed by Hispanic/Latino (16%) and Asian (5%). Other racial demographics include African American (4%) and Native American (<1%). Approximately 25% of the population are under 18 years old. The median age for residents is 38 years old which indicates a young family population that values education as evidenced by the number of schools located in the area. 


Tourist Attractions

There are several tourist attractions located within the neighborhood group of Riebli-Wallace. This includes numerous parks such as Howarth Park and Spring Lake Regional Park where visitors can enjoy nature trails, picnic areas, fishing spots, playgrounds and more. There are also several historical sites such as Annadel State Park which offers spectacular views of the Mayacamas Mountains along with archaeological sites dating back centuries ago. Additionally, there are breweries, wineries and other local attractions that appeal to both locals and tourists alike.  

All in all, Riebli-Wallace Neighborhood Group is a great place for tourists to visit or live in due to its diverse demographics and variety of attractions. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or historical sites, there’s something for everyone here in this vibrant neighborhood group near Santa Rosa! With its beautiful surroundings, safe environment and friendly people it's no wonder why so many people choose this area as their destination when visiting California's wine country. With a diverse population ranging from young families to retirees, this neighborhood group provides an ideal place for tourists to visit while also making it an attractive destination for those looking for property investments or new homes due to its picturesque scenery and array of amenities offered nearby. Whether you’re looking to vacation here or settle down permanently Riebli-Wallace Neighborhood Group should definitely be on your list of places worth considering!

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