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Willis, Willis & Willis Public Adjusters


  • What is a public adjuster?
    A public adjuster is a licensed insurance adjuster that works for you the policy holder, not the insurance company. Our job is to assist with or fully handle the claim process for you to ensure your claim is settled as quickly as possible and that you receive the maximum repair funds that your policy entitles you to.
  • I'm in Sacramento, do you have a public adjuster near me?"
    Yes, we are licensed California, based out of Newman. We are located in northern California but handle claims across the entire state.
  • Do you need a public adjuster?
    Look at it like this. When selling your home or paying your taxes, you hire a realtor or an accountant to not only make it easier on yourself but also make sure everything is done right and there are no costly mistakes, especially here in CA. When it comes to property damage, your insurance company's #1 objective is to exploit what you don't know and get you to unknowingly accept less than you are entitled to. A professional Sacramento public adjuster for example will make it easier for you and get you the best possible outcome with the most repair funds for your claim. For The People Public Insurance Adjusting has successfully handled thousands of property damage claims.
  • Why should I hire a public adjuster?
    Filing a thorough homeowners insurance claim is often a very difficult process. Public adjusters are trained professionals in navigating insurance coverage, holding carriers accountable, and maximizing settlement amounts. Hiring a Santa Rosa public adjuster ensures your claim gets the attention it deserves and prevents insurance companies from taking advantage of what you don't know and denying or underpaying your settlement.
  • When should I hire a public adjuster in Santa Rosa?
    You should hire a Santa Rosa public adjuster as soon as you've encurred damage to your property, and preferrably before contacting your insurance company, though it's not required. The earlier a northern CA public adjuster gets involved, the smoother your claim wil go and quicker you will receive your settlement. Public adjusters in California work with insurance companies to assess the damage, expedite the process and ensure you receive the maximum repair funds that your policy coverage allows.
  • What types of insurance claims do you handle?
    We handle Property Damage, Property Loss, Wind Damage, Water Damage claims, Mold Damage, Storm Damage, Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Theft Damage, Vandalism damage, and everything those entail.
  • Can I submit a claim myself?
    You can, but just like an accountant will most certainly maximize your return, Sacramento public adjusters will almost always be able to maximize your policy’s payout. Within a property loss claim, there could be hundreds of laws, provisions, and or guildelines that a policyholder might be unfamiliar with, resulting in many thousands of unrecovered funds that otherwise could have been paid out. This also means many additional repairs and new furnishings the homeowner could have received, but didn't. For The People Public Insurance Adjusting is highly experienced with all property loss claim types and will work to get you the maximum repair funds your policy allows. Check out some of our results on our website
  • My insurance carrier already assigned an independent adjuster in San Francisco; can I use them to settle my claim?
    You can, but both the insurance carrier’s adjuster and independent adjusters work for the insurance company. They are trained and incentivized to protect the carrier’s financial interests and save THEM the most money, not the the other way around. Public adjusters in San Francisco are on the opposite side of the equation...they work for YOU the home or business owner, and are incentivized to get the insurance company to PAY as much as possible, which means recovering the most funds for you. We are experts at settling claims, and can negotiate a [typically much] larger payout than most individuals can negotiate on their own.
  • I’m not satisfied with my insurance settlement, is it too late to hire a Los Angeles public adjuster?"
    No, it's NOT too late to hire a public adjuster in Los Angeles. In the state of California, homeowners claims can be re-opened within a one to four year period from the date of the loss. If you didn't get the settlement you know you deserve, call us immediately. We can review your claim, property damage, and likely negotiate a higher payout for you.
  • Will I get a larger payout if I use a Public Adjuster in San Jose?
    Yes, you will almost always receive a bigger settlement that recovers more repair funds from the insurance company when you hire a San Jose public adjuster, or anywhere. A common example is if a small 4 inch corner of one kitchen cabinet gets a little water damage, the insurance company is only going to offer some small patchwork for just that tiny section. But many insurance policies actually include clauses that require the insurance to pay for all new cabinets. These scenarios are very common and often many exist within a single insurance policy. The carrier will never volunteer this information however, so not knowing any better, the California homeowner would accept the initial offer and miss out on significantly more repair funds, new furnishings, a safer home, and increased property value. With a public adjuster on the claim, that's a risk they don't have to take.
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