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California Wildfires

Property Owners - What you need to know!

For The People Public Insurance Adjusting has discovered that many insurance claims have been wrongfully underpaid and denied as a result of past and recent wildfires!

Ask Yourself:
Would your insurance company rather have their adjuster save them money, or pay you all of the settlement(s) that you were entitled to?
Insurance is a business, and like many businesses, their goal is to make/retain profit.

Over the last few years, California has experienced an overwhelming amount of wildfires. What you NEED to know:

  • Some insurance companies urgently hired resources to handle the quantity of claim files that presented itself, given the large quantity of incoming claims from the California Wildfires

  • As a result, many insurance staff workers/sub contractors were hired without the necessary experience needed to properly handle your claim

  • It appears that the insurance companies were systematically more concerned with closing claims quickly, as well as making you (the insured) jump through hoops for your settlement, rather than taking the proper time to handle their long-time clients

  • You should not have to hit a 'dead end' or settle just because your insurance company wasn't prepared to dedicate time to you and your claim

  • In conclusion, you don't 'cut corners' on your payments, so why should they cut corners with your claim? 

You and your family should be viewed as more than 'just another file' on your insurance company's desk! So, how do you handle this situation?

  •  Current or past claims...This is not a dead end; you do not have to settle for what your insurance company believes you were entitled to.

  • We can help you! As public adjusters, FTP Public Insurance Adjusting is dedicated to helping commercial and residential California Wildfire property victims who have been affected by the past and present wildfires.

  • What is a public adjuster?  Our public adjusters are licensed through the State of California to negotiate your claim on your behalf, interpret your policy, investigate the full scope of your loss, and evaluate the true value of your loss. We work for you, not the insurance company.

  • The next step: We encourage you to contact us to learn more. We understand that you may find yourself overwhelmed in this process; your insurance company understands that too. As a result, this allows them to utilize many tactics to persuade you to settle for any offer they feel is appropriate.

  • The solution: For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting has public adjusters who are specifically trained and dedicated to handle past and present California Wildfire claims. Our experts will reopen a past claim, or handle your current claim, to determine the best possible outcome for you. Fill out a contact form here or call/email us below. Phone operators are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

  • There is no risk to learn more: Free Policy Review, Free Consultation & Free Home Inspection to all California Wildfire property owners! We will educate you on the value we may bring to your claim BEFORE signing any partnership agreements! Any proposal offered will be thoroughly explained and agreed upon PRIOR to representation. All of our proposals are regulated through the State of California. Let's get you home!

We wish the best for you and your claim. At FTP Public Insurance Adjusting, our success is based solely off of the value we bring to you and your claim.

Your Claim -- Our Fight

-All the best,

Damond Toles

Chief Executive Officer

[Lic# CA- 2N14948 | CT- 2456804]

For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting retains the right to accept or deny claim submissions.

Not a wildfire property claim? No problem, visit our home page to discover how we may better serve you.

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